AAACO Public Reporting

ACO Name and Location
Asian American Accountable Care Organization LLC
41 Elizabeth Street, Suite 600
New York, NY  10013


ACO Primary Contact
Dr. Bing Lu, President & CEO
Dr. George Liu, Chairman of the Board
Ms. Susan Lau, Chief Operating Officer
(212) 965-8435


Composition of ACO
Partnership or joint venture arrangement between hospitals and ACO professionals – N/A

ACO Participants 

8th Ave. Ophthalmology, PC
8th Avenue Medical Office, PLLC
A.H.Jung & C.S.Lee Medical Associates, PC
Advanced Dermatology And Dermatologic Surgery, PC
Alexander Chan, MD, PC
Alice K. Lee, MD
Andrew S. Kim, MD
Andrew S. Lee, MD
Antony S.C. Chen, MD
Back Kim, MD, PC
Bay Ridge Family Medical Doctor, PC
Benjamin C. H. Peng, MD
Best Ophthalmology, PC
Bi Hoon Che Physician, PC
Billy Li, MD, PC
Bo Chen, MD
Canal Radiology Associates, PC
Chang Ho Suk, MD
Chang J. Park, MD
Chang Jonathan Maung Tin Physician, PC
Chang Suk Lee, MD
Chang Yong Chi Physical Therapy PC
Charles B. Wang Community Health Center, Inc.
Charles King Chan, MD
Chester C. Lo, DPM, PC
Cheung Yiu Cheung, MD
Chien-Jen Huang, MD
Chin W. Chung, MD
Chinatown Medical Consultation, PLLC
Chinatown Physician, PC
Ching Yin Lam, MD
Choi Medical Services, PLLC
Chung-Fai Tung, MD, PC
CKC Medical Office, PC
Comprehensive Medical Office, PC
Comprehensive Ob/Gyn Services, PC
CP Advanced Imaging, PLLC
Dai-Yun Jeng, MD
Daniel Kim, M.D., Total Eye Care, PC
Danny Fong, MD, PC
David D. Kim, MD
David Hom, MD, PLLC
David K. Shu, MD
Deng Medical, PC
Doctor Christina Tsim’s Office
Doris U. Tan, MD, PC
Downtown Gastroenterology Associates, PC
Downtown Renal Medicine, PC
DQS Cardiac And Vascular Services, PC
Dr. Amy S. Chu-Wong, MD, PC
Dr. Hak K. Yuen Physician, PC
Dr. James C. W. Moy
Dr. Lau Medical Oncology, PC
Dr. Tuyen T. Trinh, PLLC
Dr. Xing-Jie Wang’s Clinic
Dr. Ye’s Medical Office, PC
East Shore Women’s Care, PC
Edward M. Ha, MD, PC
Edwin K. Chan, MD, PC
Elmhurst Podiatry Group
Eric Falkson, MD
Eric Zhou Medical Office, PC
Everwell Medical, PC
Eyecare By Ophthalmologist, PLLC
Fai Chu, DcC
Fan Ming Lin, MD
Felix Chu, DO, FACC, PC
Flushing Foot Specialists, LLC
Flushing Medical
Flushing Ob/Gyn, PC
Focus Occupational Therapy, PC
Frank Zhan Best Physical Therapy, PC
Fung Ngan, MD
Future Bright Dermatology PC
Gary Chen Medical PC
Genesis Ob/Gyn Group
George Lum, MD
Global Health Medical, PC
Golden Wheel Condominium
Greenwich Ob/Gyn Medical, PC
Hailiu Zuo Physician, PC
Hai-Po Wang, MD
Hana Gastroenterology
Harvey Chu, MD Office
Hea Shin Kang Physician, PC
Head & Neck Surgery, LLC
Henry Yuan-Hung Ting, MD
Heung Soo Sul, MD
Howard E. Huey, DO, PC
Hsien Kwang Liu, MD, PC
Hui Chih Yang, Physician, PC
Hung-Fai Ng, MD
Inocencio C. Kho, MD
Insook Lee, MD
Ja Gu Kang, Md, PC
Jai Jeen Rhee, MD
James Li, MD, PLLC
Jan J. Shim, Md
Jean Chen Medical, LLP
Jen Chin Wang, MD
Jenny Cheng, MD, PC
Jenny Liaw, MD
Jih Lih Chiang, MD
Jimmy Wong, MD, PLLC
John H. Kim, MD
John J. Kim, MD
John Tsihsian Wang, MD
Jonathan K. Ligh, MD
Jonathann C. Kuo, MD, PC
Joseph H. Ma, MD
Joseph Poon, MD
Joyce Cheung, MD, PLLC
Junho B. Lee, MD
Jyming Wang, MD, PC
Kee Y. Shum, MD, PC
Kevin S. Lee, MD & Stephen S. Lee, MD, PC
Khin Aung Medical, PC
King Chen Hon, MD, PC
Kuo Medicare Care, PLLC
Kuocheng Wang, MD
Kwok Man Lee, MD, PC
Kyaw Myint Physician, PC
Kyungmee Kim, MD
Lai-Yet Lam, MD
Lawrence T. Choy, MD
Lei Ding Medical, PC
Liberty PMR
Lih Lih Wu Medical, PC
Lim H. Tse, MD, PC
Linda Tao, MD, PC
Little Neck Internal Medicine, PC
Lou-Fu Ni, MD
Lucille Liu Pak, MD
Man Chiu Wong, MD
Manhattan Cardiac Medical, PC
Manhattan Family Medicine, PC
Maple Ob/Gyn, PC
Marcus H. Loo, MD, LLC
Mark Medical, PC
Mayling Chin-Chu, MD
Melissa M. Chan, MD, PLLC
Michael Poon, MD, PLLC
Ming T. Chuang, MD
Nak Chin Chung, MD
Neuro Health, PC
Neuroaxis Neurosurgical Associates, PC
New York ENT Physician, PC
New York Hearing Center, Inc.
Nga Chang, MD
Norman N. Lee, MD
NY Patient First Medical & Genetric Quality Health Services
On Hin Lau, MD, PC
Oriental K. Inc.
Park-Wu Oncology Associates
Paul P.K. Lin, MD
Physio-Rehab, PC
Pinehurst Medical, PC
Pinnacle Urology, PC
Pi-Tang Lin, MD
Qing Yeh, MD
Qinghong Huang, MD
Queens Crossing Anesthesia, PLLC
Radiology Associates Of Main St
Raymond Fong, MD, PC
Rex Wu, MD, PLLC
Richard Chan, MD
Richard Myint, MD
Richard Y. Ng, DO
Richard Young, MD
Roland Nyein MD
Salem Medical Office
Sam Kwauk, MD
Samuel Cho, MD
Sandy Cheung, DO, PLLC
Sei Oung Yoon, MD
Seungyoul Yi Physical Therapy, PC
Shaw-Fu Hwang, MD
Shidong Su, MD, PC
Shiu Ching Tang, MD
Shiu Hung So, MD
Shu Yain Chin, MD
Shun Chang, MD
Shung Cheng, MD
Sing Wu Law, MD
Sinog Medical Associate, PC
Smart Health Medical, PC
Sonix Gi & Hepato Serv, PC
Stanley Ng, MD, PC
Stanley-Sangwook Kim, DO, PC
Steve C. Chang, MD
Sun Orthopedic Surgery, PC
Sun-Co Lin, MD
Sun-Hoo Foo, MD
Tak Chan, MD, PC
Timothy C. Johnson, MD
Tina Q. He, MD
Titus Kwok, MD
Tlc Rehabilitation Physcial Therapy. PC
Total Care Plus Medical, PC
Tze On Poon, MD, PC
United Medical Group
Universal Medical Service, LLC
University Nephrology Associates
Wai Lap Leung, MD
Warren W. Chin, MD, PC
Wayne Li, PT
Wellcare Medical, PC
Wen Lin Wang, DO
Wen Ray Thomas Hsu, MD, PC
Wing Tsang, MD
Wolfson Medical Associates
Women’s Health & Wellness Medical Assoc, PLLC
Wong Lap Koon, MD
Woo-Sup Kim, MD
Wuhua Jing, MD, PhD, PC
Xi Frieda Gu, MD
Xu Z. Chen Psychiatrist, PLLC
Y.H. Wong, Ob/Gyn Practice, PLLC
Yang, Ber-Yuh Medical Practice, PC
YHQ Medical, PC
Yi S. Chen, DO, PLLC
Yin Yin Win Medical PC
Yolanda Tun-Chiong, DO
Yong Kyu Hwang, MD
Yuanxia Zhang, PhD
Yuen-Wai Hui, RD
Yunhee Chung, MD
Zhiguang Zhang, MD


Asian American ACO Governing Body

  • Dr. George Liu, Chairman of the Board, United Medical Group
  • Dr. Bing Lu, President & CEO, Universal Medical Svcs, LLC
  • Dr. Jonathan Chang, VP Corporate Affairs & Network Development,
  • Chang Jonathan Maung Tin Physician, PC
  • Dr. Sun-Hoo Foo, VP of Treasury, Solo Practice of Sun-Hoo Foo, MD
  • Mr. Justin Yu, Voting Member, Medicare Beneficiary Representative
  • Dr. Danny Fong, Voting Member & Compliance Officer, Solo Practice of Danny Fong, MD
  • Dr. Felix Chu, Voting Member, Solo Practice of Felix Chu, DO, FACC
  • Dr. Yunhee Chung, Voting Member, Solo Practice of Yunhee Chung, MD
  • Dr. Juliang Deng, Voting Member, Solo Practice of Deng Medical, PC
  • Dr. Stanley Ng, Voting Member, Solo Practice of Stanley Ng, MD
  • Dr. Perry Pong, Voting Member, Charles B. Wang Community Health Center, Inc.
  • Dr. Kee Yee Shum, Voting Member, Solo Practice of Kee Y. Shum, MD
  • Dr. James Chang, Non-Voting Advisor, CP Advanced Imaging, PLLC
  • Dr. Ching Yin Lam, Non-Voting Advisor, Solo Practice of Ching Yin Lam, MD
  • Ms. Peggy Sheng, Non-Voting Advisor, Chinese American IPA, Inc.
  • Ms. Susan Lau, Non-Voting Staff, Chief Operating Officer, AAACO


Asian American ACO Committees and Key Leadership Personnel

  • Executive Committee:  Dr. George Liu, Chairman of the Board
  • Clinical Management & Oversight Committee:   Dr. Stanley Ng, Chair
  • Coordination of Care Committee:  Dr. Juliang Deng, Chair
  • Patient Engagement Committee:  Dr. Perry Pong, Chair
  • Quality Assurance & Process Improvement Committee:  Dr. Felix Chu, Chair
  • Health Information Systems & Reporting Committee:  Dr. Sun-Hoo Foo, Chair
  • Quality Measures Education & Training Committee:  Dr. Kee Yee Shum, Chair
  • Compliance Committee:  Dr. Danny Fong, Chair
  • Financial Reporting & Audits Committee:  Dr. James Chang, Chair


Aggregate Amount of Shared Savings / Losses – Not Yet Available


How Shared Savings Are Distributed
Reinvest in infrastructure: 100% until there is net surplus from shared savings
Distribution of net surplus from shared savings to ACO Participants: 90%

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